Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Usaha Melakunkan Semula '3 Stooges" Di Holywood: Kita Di Sini Pun Boleh

Improbably, Sean Hayes Is Your Latest Stooge: Just One More Stooge To Go!

by: Will Leitch

It's Larry! (He'll need a wig, we think.) Mathew Imaging/WireImage.com Someday, friends, we will live in a world in which a "Three Stooges" movie actually exists, so that there is no longer any need to type about casting decisions, potential casting decisions, fantasy casting decision, castings of molten steel. Two months ago, we noted that the once-dream cast of the Farrelly brothers film -- which have included Jim Carrey, Benicio Del Toro, Mel Gibson and even Sean Penn -- had devolved down to the level it probably should've been on all along. That cast was Johnny Knoxville, Andy Samberg from "Saturday Night Live" and an Australian actor named Shane Jacobson. Now the cast has devolved again from that. By the time the movie is made, it'll star the actual decomposed bodies of the original Stooges.

Anyway, Will Sasso has already been cast as Curly, and now the project has its Larry: It's Sean Hayes, most famous as Jack in "Will & Grace." For what it's worth, Sasso looks a lot more like Curly than Hayes looks like Larry. (Suffice it to say that Hayes is decidedly more handsome than Larry was -- frankly, it would be difficult to find an actor who wouldn't be -- but that's nothing a good wig can't fix.) Larry was always our favorite Stooge: He was the understated link of the Stooges, as much as anything involving the Stooges could possibly be called "understated."

This leaves the Moe left to be cast, and we feel fairly certain it will not be Sean Penn. It will be outstanding when Moe is cast, though, because it will be the last time anyone writes about the casting of the Three Stooges movie ever again. Honestly, this has been going on since "There's Something About Mary." It's not too late to cast noted Stooges fanatic Mel Gibson. Let's start another rumor! We can't let it die!

Sean Hayes Fine Choice For Larry In Farrelly Brothers 'Three Stooges' Film [Deadline]

Catitan Sut:

Dalam dunia perfileman , banyak watak yang dapat dihidupkan semula; dilakunkan semula dengan secara yang berkesan. Gerak-laku dan mungkin cara pertuturan dapat dilakukan semula dengan menyakinkan.

Kita yang pernah menonton lawak yang penuh aksi ini pada suatu masa dahulu, mungkin masih terbayang yang kerapkali kepala dihantuk, hidung dipulas dan serta gerak-laku berjalan oleh watak-watak dalam siri 3 stooges ini.

Di tanahair, kita jangka telah terdapat usaha-usaha di pihak industri perfileman untuk melakunkan watak-watak tertentu secara yang lebih berkesan dan menyakinkan . Mungkin suatu hari nanti industri kita akan menyamai kecanggihan Holywood dalam soal-soal ini. Berbekalkan semangat Malaysia Boleh....

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